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Surgery TR maintains all its services under the understanding of high quality, reliability, and excellent service in Istanbul and Izmir (Turkey) as a Medical Travel Company since 2016.

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360 Liposuction in Turkey

Liposuction 360 is the art of safely shaping the body by removing stubborn fat with a strategically planned method. Experienced and contracted surgeons of SurgeryTR perform liposuction on the front and back of the body to achieve maximum results with 360 liposuction in Turkey.

What is 360 Liposuction?

In order to reach the maximum contour of the body in 360 liposuction, liposuction is performed on both the front and back of the body. In short; It is a type of liposuction performed to treat the front and back parts of the body 360 degrees. 360 liposuction can be completed in a single session or may require several more sessions. This will be determined according to the patient’s desired result and the surgeon’s professional assessment.

360 Liposuction in Turkey
360 Liposuction in Turkey

How is 360 Liposuction Performed?

360 liposuction is a surgical operation that can be performed in more than one area. The procedure is done through a hollow needle-like tube called a cannula. With this vacuum tube, a minimal incision is made in the immediate vicinity of the area where the fat accumulates and the liposuction procedure will be applied. After the incision is made, the cannula is placed under the skin and the existing accumulated fat is broken down and the aspiration process is started.

The procedure is also known as liposculpture. The duration of the procedure takes an average of 1-2 hours. However, after the healing phase of the 360 ​​liposuction area is completed, the scar will become invisible.

What is the Healing Process for Lipo 360°?

After 360 liposuction in Turkey, it is normal to have some swelling in the area where the procedure is applied. Experienced surgeons of SurgeryTR give specially prepared clothing to prevent the bruising and swelling of the area after the operation.

The recovery phase of 360 lipo surgery begins after a few weeks. The final healing process of 360 liposuction in Turkey may take 6-12 months of time.

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SurgeryTR, How Much Does 360 Liposuction Cost in Turkey?

360 Liposuction price in Turkey may also vary depending on which body parts the fat is removed from. However, the average price of 360 liposuction in Turkey is approximately 50% lower than in England and European countries. The reason for this cost difference between Europe and Turkey is the exchange rate changes and the average labor cost determined for each country. Because the labor cost determined in Turkey is much lower than in Europe.

Those who had 360 liposuction with SurgeryTR in Turkey; They have the advantage of a medical treatment package that covers treatment cost, hospital stay, airport transfer, city transfer, accommodation and patient accommodation services.

Post Operative Instructions

  • You should use the medical corsets given by your doctor as instructed for a month.
  • After the operation, it is necessary to wait about 2 months for heavy and tiring sports.
  • To speed up your recovery process, smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped. However, drinking plenty of water and fluids will increase your resistance.
  • Since the surgical sutures are self-dissolving sutures, there is no need for stitch removal.
  • You can take light-paced walks 1 week after the operation.
  • After the operation, your stitches should be protected from the sun and sweat until they dissolve.
  • You can swim in the pool and sea 1 month after the operation.
  • After the operation, the body will take its ideal shape in about 6 months.



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I applied for Gynecomastia grade 4 and back lift I was told I was suitable for the operation. When the surgeon discovered my past illnesses (mini stroke) they informed me they could not do the operation. As much as I was disappointed with the outcome, I was pleasantly surprised that they took the decision to put my health before the money. This made me believe they are a reputable organisation who think more of there clients than money. In todays world especially were the pandemic has affected every business it was nice to see people still caring about my welfare instead of money
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I had four surgeries done at the same…
I had four surgeries done at the same time and am over the moon with my results just one month post op.So I booked a consultation with Ege one of the staff at Surgery Tr and he was so humble and patient with me the whole time .He was very authentic with everything That he did.On my arrival in Turkey I was given a first class treatment right from transportation, accommodation,and the treatment was on another level.my surgery went as planned and I was having the best care ever Thank u Surgery Tr and Dr .Daghan isik you gave me my confidence and happiness back.



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