Butt Implant in Turkey

Butt Implant is a way of buttock augmentation with implants to create volume and has been popular for many years with the impact of Kardashians. It reshapes the butt and changes the appearance of the butt so, that a patient can have round and firm butts. Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is another way of buttock augmentation and requires excess fat to have a bigger butt. Therefore, people who do have not enough fat BBL can prefer a Butt Implant for gluteal augmentation.

What is Butt Implant?

Butt implants, also known as buttock or gluteal augmentation, are the materials used to make the butt shape curvier and bigger. In butt implant surgeries, the material generally used is silicones.

Solid silicones are carefully placed into the butt cheeks with a surgical operation, which enhances the butt shape and gives it a volume according to the implant size. This operation may sometimes be combined with fat injections in order to maximize the results. It generally takes around four weeks to fully recover from butt implant surgery. This method is mostly preferred by patients with little fat in their body, which cannot be taken to inject into the butt cheeks just like in Brazilian Butt Lift operations.

Moreover, implants are great for volume, and fat graftings on their own cannot provide this volume. Therefore, silicone butt implants, which have been proven to be safe and healthy, are a good choice in order to improve the appearance of the buttock.

Butt Implant in Turkey

How is Butt Implant Performed?

Butt implant operations, in other words, buttock or gluteal augmentation operations, which are preferred to enhance the contour and shape, and change the size of the buttock, are performed by grafting silicone implants suitable for the patient’s butt size with an incision. Butt implant surgery procedure takes several hours, and the recovery process is a bit long. Therefore, the desired results can be seen 3-6 months after the surgery. The surgeon gives some instructions to follow right after the operation, and the patient must follow them in order to minimize the potential complications that may occur after the surgery. By doing so, the patient can go through a relatively comfortable recovery process.    

Who is the Right Candidate for Butt Implant Surgery?

Even though butt implant operations have been popular, and many people have them done, it does not mean that they are safe or suitable for everyone. There must be some criteria to be looked for in a potential patient. For instance, one might be a good candidate for butt implant surgery:


  • if they have recently lost some weight and lost the shape of their natural butt shape,
  • if their butt is considered flat, or square-shaped,
  • if they feel that their buttocks need a curvier shape,
  • if they do not smoke,
  • if they have a healthy lifestyle,
  • if they do not lose or gain weight quite often.


People who want to undergo a butt implant operation can consult a professional in order to learn whether they are the right candidate or not for the surgery.

Who is the Right Candidate for Butt Implant Surgery

How Much Does Butt Implant Cost in Turkey?

The prices of Butt implant surgery in Turkey vary according to body measurements, the implant sizes, and the areas to be applied. The cost of butt implant surgery performed in Turkey is approximately 60% – 70% lower than in England and European countries. The most important reason why butt implant surgery is cheaper in Turkey is basically the low labor cost and the differences in exchange rates. All-inclusive Butt Implant package in Turkey starts from 4,100 GBP and with aftercare service.


Patients having butt implant surgery must wait for at least 8 weeks before they sit and lay on their buttocks in order not to prolong the recovery process and to minimize the possible complications

Buttock implants are considered permanent and the butt implant operation has an overall high success rate. However, it takes about 3-6 months until you see full results.

The most important thing to know and follow is not to sit or lay on the newly-operated buttocks until 8 weeks pass. Also, even 8 weeks after, the patient should avoid sitting for long periods of time until full recovery. 

Turkey is a leading country in terms of medical tourism and is considered a tourist attraction thanks to its historical and interesting places to visit. Turkish surgeons and doctors are also professional in their fields and do a great job in the operations they perform. Therefore, you can safely choose Turkey to have your dream operations done, and experience the country. 

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