Hair Transplant in Turkey, Aftercare in London

Turkey is one of the prominent destinations for many operations like Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplantation, Dental Treatments, Weight Loss Surgery, and Laser Eye Surgery. It is a known fact that all-inclusive packages are affordable in Turkey moreover, it provides high-quality treatments with the latest technology. Therefore, Turkey has become a center for medical tourism. There are a variety of hair transplant methods for different hair follicles and the most known is FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This FUE method is the latest technique in hair transplant operations, which is why it is also known as the most preferred method. FUT technique (Follicular Unit Transplant) is the oldest method, therefore, many patients tend to choose FUE methods in recent years. The other techniques can be performed according to the needs of the patient, in some cases, the Needle-Free Hair Transplant method can be preferred. Besides hair transplants, Surgery TR’s experienced doctors perform eyebrow transplant and beard transplant operations in Turkey at affordable prices. 

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Patients who come for a Hair Transplant to Turkey, spend good times at 5-star Hotels and visit local places with VIP transfer during their stay. After having the operation by a Surgery TR’s highly-rated doctor, the aftercare process begins. Before turning back to your county, you’ll inform about the post-op instructions and have the necessary products to help your recovery process. You’ll have a medical shampoo (herbal ingredient), lotion, and supplements, the significant point is you should not use any hair conditioner for a year. During the first 3 months of the recovery process, you may observe some hair loss which is totally normal and there is nothing to worry about. The thing is, you should not scratch your head and squeeze the pimples during this period. The actual hair growth can be seen in 6 months and would be thicker in 8 months. After a year, the all process is completed. In this whole process, because the hair follicles are not suitable enough, you may not get the desired result in the first transplant. It is hard to evaluate the results from the pictures, but following the recovery process from a close location is always a better option.

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Now, there is a chance to get aftercare in London by getting your operation in Turkey with Surgery TR. We will follow up on your recovery process for a year and will be with you in every step of your medical journey. The London aftercare office is located at 48, Charlotte St. W1T 2NS and our experienced doctor is ready to welcome you there. You should make an appointment before coming to the office by contacting Surgery TR representatives. This opportunity provides you with special care even after the hair transplantation, and you can benefit by getting your surgery in İzmir, Turkey. İzmir is a beautiful coastal city rebuilt by Alexander the Great in ancient times, as the 3rd largest city in Turkey, İzmir is not crowded as İstanbul. To sum up, you can have your surgery at affordable prices in İzmir, Turkey, and have aftercare in London easily.

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