How Long Does the Recovery Time of Nose Job (Rhinoplasty)?

Rhinoplasty, in other words, a nose job is a painful but life-changing experience that reshapes the nose from the natural shape to the desired one. There are many noses reshaping methods for different needs like reduction rhinoplasty, augmentation rhinoplasty, reconstructive rhinoplasty, revision rhinoplasty, septorhinoplasty… You may wonder which one is right for you and research it to choose the most suitable method for you. One of the easiest ways is to get a professional opinion moreover, you may see the simulation of your possible new nose. The postoperative period is as important as the operation time. In the rhinoplasty recovery process, there are many points to be considered so that the recovery period does not prolong. The average recovery time of the nose job is 6 weeks but the actual result can be seen after 6 months after the surgery. Generally dissolved stitches are used for nose job surgery, but in some cases, you may need to have them removed. You may feel some pain in the first months which is completely normal. You may observe some bruises and redness with swellings in your face around the nose. This term of recovery is the hardest process and people prefer to stay at home and rest until all the bruises and swellings are gone. There is a timeline for the recovery time and each stage requires different ways of recovery. 


The first week of the recovery process

It is the first step in the recovery period that is the hardest part of the all-healing time. Nose Job surgery marks can be noticed by people around you. It may take more than a month to recover well from the bruises and swellings. In this term, your nose would be very sensitive, so you should avoid any activities that might hurt your nose. You should not even blow your nose in this process for 10 days. After the surgery nose can bleed and continue in the first weeks of the rhinoplasty operation. In order to reduce swelling and bleeding, you should rest with your head higher than your chest in bed. 

The second week of the recovery process

In this process, you may observe some parts of the swelling go down but still, a huge part of the swelling still remains. It should be noted that swelling at the tip of the nose goes down last. So, you should not think that this is the final shape of your nose. You may massage your nose as your surgeon advised you gently. 

1 month after the surgery

The nose looks better than in the previous weeks, swellings almost go down completely and bruises highly disappear. It will get its ideal shape in the coming months of the recovery process. You can also return your activities like swimming, go for running/walking and cycling in this term. Sexual activities are allowed 6 weeks after surgery to avoid any problems.

3 months after the surgery

Numbness on the nose would disappear within 3 months of the recovery process and you will see the ideal shape of your nose. The tip of the nose can be still swollen because it is the last part of the swelling that goes down. In noses with thick skin, this period may be longer than the normal period. Rhinoplasty reconstructs nose shape by altering the bones in the nose, which is why it is better to be careful until full recovery.

6 months after the surgery

Almost all the side effects and marks of the nose job are gone within 6 months of the recovery process. All the abnormal sensations in your nose would be resolved and feel better.  In this stage, you can compare your nose with pre-operation pictures. However, the final result is seen after a year and the recovery period is completed with it. 

1 Year From the Nose Job Operation

The healing process is completed after a year from the rhinoplasty operation. The swelling on the tip of the nose is refined and bones become stronger than in the previous stages. For the recovery phase, the only need is time and you can have your desired shape if you stay patient.


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