Is Getting Surgery in Turkey Safe?

Getting a surgery done abroad seems to be a great choice for many people nowadays. Because of the low cost of getting work done in many other countries, people decide on going to another country to get surgery, usually plastic surgery, as it is cheaper than in their home countries. Turkey is one of the biggest places that people tend to go to thanks to the number of highly trained, experienced, and professional surgeons available and the low cost they charge. However, understandably a question comes to the patients’ minds: is getting surgery overseas safe? 


Turkey is one of the best countries around the world to successfully carry out plastic surgeries. Surgeons, doctors, nurses, and all the healthcare staff are highly educated and disciplined. On the other hand, doctors take a quite detailed and comprehensive education at universities. Moreover, they have lots of opportunities to practice, consult senior surgeons and doctors, and take place in the field via several internships. 

What is the Cost of Getting Surgery in Turkey?

When it comes to the cost of operations in Turkey, it is again a better option to get a surgery done in Turkey since the prices are much cheaper there than in a European country, for instance. The reason why it is cheaper in Turkey is basically the low labor costs and differences in exchange rates. In addition, there are clinics in Turkey which provide all-inclusive plastic surgery packages (including medical treatment, medication,  accommodation, all transfers, flights, and translation services), discounted offers for their patients, and contracted experienced surgeons. 


Surgery TR is one of the leading clinics providing hair transplantation, weight loss surgeries, eye surgeries, dental treatments, and cosmetic surgeries such as breast augmentation or reduction, breast uplift, rhinoplasty, facelift, liposuction, BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift), tummy tuck, mommy makeover and more. Surgery TR also provides free video and face-to-face consultations with doctors for every treatment option. Thanks to the best-trained doctors, who explain all the details of the treatment to the patient and do their best work, no patient will have difficulty with language. 


Surgery TR is proud to be a leading company in the sector, hosting thousands of patients from all over the world (e.g from England, the USA, other EU Countries, Asia, the Middle East, etc.) in Turkey since 2016. Offering state-of-the-art devices and modern treatments at a fixed and affordable price, without any extra cost, in all-inclusive packages, Surgery TR places the well-being and satisfaction of its patients above all else. The company has an A-type travel agency and Ministry of Health-approved authorization documents. It provides the comfort of its patients with reliability, has all legal permits, and affordable treatment options. Surgery TR team stands by the patient at all stages, from free consultation to the post-operative guidance and aftercare period. 

Therefore, we can surely say that it is completely safe to get a surgery done in Turkey thanks to all the above-mentioned opportunities. 

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