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Male Breast Reduction in Turkey

Gynecomastia, called male breast reduction in Turkey, is a surgical operation performed by men with larger breasts than normal.

It is possible to have male breast reduction in Turkey with SurgeryTR. Gynecomastia Turkey procedure is done to remove excess fat or breast tissue. How this operation will be performed depends entirely on the needs of the patient and the diagnosis of the doctors.

What is Male Breast Reduction Surgery?

Surgery to correct enlarged breasts (gynecomastia) in men is called gynecomastia. Gynecomastia can be in one breast or both breasts. Gynecomastia is common in men of all ages.

Among the main reasons why men need this operation; hormonal changes, genetic factors, drugs used and some diseases. Men with larger breasts than normal may suffer from self-confidence and loneliness problems under great stress.

Male Breast Reduction in Turkey
Male Breast Reduction in Turkey

How Is Male Breast Reduction Performed?

Male breast reduction surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Liposuction is applied by specialist surgeons to remove excess fat in the breast area. During the operation, tiny incisions are made in the nipple area. Excess fat tissues are loosened and removed by carefully entering through these incisions. However, if the patient also has a complaint of sagging breasts, the loosened skin is removed at the time of surgery according to the need and a tighter chest structure is obtained.

The recovery period of the male breast reduction process starts in one to two weeks on average and the final result is obtained in 1 month.

Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey with SurgeryTR Medical Travel Package includes:

  • Male Breast Reduction Surgery
  • Initial medication and necessary tests in the hospital
  • All transfers (Airport-Hotel-Airport with VIP Car and local transfers)
  • Round-Trip Flight Ticket
  • Hotel accommodation
  • Hospital stay (1 night)
  • Compression Garment
  • Doctor examination and Check-ups
  • 1 Year Post-op Follow-Up
  • Private Nurse Support (On Request)
  • Patient Host
Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey
Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Turkey

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does male breast reduction cost in Turkey?

Gynecomastia prices vary the most depending on the foreign exchange increase. However, the cost of male breast reduction surgery in Turkey is 70% cheaper compared to the UK and European countries.

How many hours does the male breast reduction procedure take?

The operation takes about 1 hour.

How many days will I stay in the hospital after the gynecomastia operation?

It will be sufficient to stay in the hospital for 1 night after male breast surgery.

When can I return to normal life after the procedure?

It is possible to return to work one week after gynecomastia. However, full recovery occurs in 6 weeks.

Are there any special clothes to be worn after the surgery?

It is necessary to wear a compression garment given by the doctor for an average of one month after the operation.

Does male breast reduction surgery give permanent results?

If there are no sudden changes in body weight and hormonal imbalances are not experienced, the appearance obtained after the procedure will be permanent.

Operation takes around 2 hours
It is usually performed under local anesthesia
One night of stay at the hospital might be required after surgery
Possible risks and side effects are unfavorable scarring, bleeding, infection, pain
Recovery starts in 1-2 weeks, complete in 1 month
Results last depending on the change of weight and hormones


Arrival Day

Meeting with transfer at the airport and transfer to the 5-star hotel.

Day 1

Meeting with patient host at the hotel and transfer to the hospital for the operation.

Day 2

Controls and check out from the hospital and transfer to the hotel.

Day 4

Meeting with patient host at the hotel and check up at doctor’s clinic.

Day 5

Check-out from the hotel and transfer to the airport.

Post Operative Instructions

  • You should use the medical corsets given by your doctor as instructed for a month.
  • After the operation, it is necessary to wait about 2 months for heavy and tiring sports.
  • To speed up your recovery process, smoking and alcohol consumption should be stopped. However, drinking plenty of water and fluids will increase your resistance.
  • Since the surgical sutures are self-dissolving sutures, there is no need for stitch removal.
  • You can take light-paced walks 1 week after the operation.
  • After the operation, your stitches should be protected from the sun and sweat until they dissolve.
  • You can swim in the pool and sea 1 month after the operation.
  • After the operation, the body will take its ideal shape in about 6 months.



Mohammad, UK22.04.2017
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My experience was excellent from travelling to doing the surgery itself
I am very happy with the service provided by SurgeryTR. They have affordable prices and provide excellent support in arranging your trip and accommodation during the stay. The doctor is very professional and friendly and is not reluctant to answer questions, he has years of experience and is a doctor you can put your trust, in my opinion.
My experience was excellent from travelling to doing the surgery itself. The doctor and nurses were very professional and looked after me while I was recovering. I am very happy that I chose SurgeryTR and Dr Selahattin. If anyone considers having cosmetic surgery in Turkey then SurgeryTR is definitely for you. I guarantee it! The fee paid included accommodation.
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The consultant and patient representative were extremely friendly and made sure everything was provided. Hotel was wonderful and comfortable.
Surgeon was really accessible too. Super happy with the results and would definitely recommend as the procedure is too expensive in the UK.



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