DHI Hair Transplant

DHI hair transplant is also known as Direct Hair Transplant. This technique is considered to be the most up-to-date hair transplantation performed with a special DHI Pen called DHI Implanter or CHOI Pen. The DHI procedure is generally always performed by certified surgeons. 

There is no need for channel opening in DHI hair transplant operation. Because the grafts taken from the skin are transplanted directly into the recipient area using the CHOI pen.

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So, What is the Feature of CHOI Pen Used in DHI Technique?

Hair is transplanted from body hair by applying the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique. The hairs in the donor area are removed slowly, with great care, with the FUE method. After the donors are taken by applying the FUE technique, there is no visible scar in this area. Grafts taken from the donor area are transplanted to the same area as the grafts collected from the scalp. 

Why do men choose DHI Hair Transplantation?

transplantation. It is performed with a special pen called DHI Implanter or CHOI Pen, which has a 0.5-1.5 mm hollow needle at the tip. This pen is used to transplant the grafts taken from the skin to the balding area on the scalp. Men prefer to choose this method as there is neither channel opening nor stitches, therefore, the scarring potential is very low and it is a painless procedure. In addition, the healing process is quite fast compared to other techniques. Accordingly, patients can return to their daily lives very quickly. Moreover, a natural hairline occurs, thus, the results are usually natural-looking. The maximum survival rate of hair follicles is more than 90% in this method.

Procedure details: DHI Hair Transplant

DHI Hair Transplant is performed under local anesthesia and the operation takes 6-8 hours. The first step of the operation is consultation, in which factors such as the client’s age, medical history, the underlying causes of hair loss, the possibility of shedding complaints with aging, and hair type are determined. After the consultation, all the necessary tests are done, and the operation begins. The hair in the donor area is cut, the skin is sterilized, and local anesthesia is applied to the operation area. Hair follicles smaller than 1 mm are taken from predetermined donor areas with a special device called a “micromotor”. Hair follicles are carefully put one by one into the CHOI Pen. Finally, the hair follicles are carefully implanted in the balding area. Once the operation is done, there are some instructions to follow in order to achieve the best result. For instance, the patient should wait for a few weeks before doing sports activities, keep the hair transplanted area dry for 48 hours after the operation, stay away from pools and saunas for a month, and eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals in order to contribute to the process of hair growth.

What areas of the body can be used as alternative donor hair sources?

Traditional method for Hair Transplant is grafting is collected from the back of the head of a patient but in some cases, the donor area cannot be suitable for the hair transplant. So, other parts of the body can be used as donor areas. This procedure is more complex than traditional methods, instead of local anesthesia to the back of the head, anesthesia may be required for the additional areas for the extraction of the grafts from the body parts. Mainly two areas are used for body hair to hair transplant operations; these areas are the beard and chest. For the beard, the under the chin area is mainly used so, that during the healing process it won’t bother you too much. In order to avoid any scar on the area, up to 1000 grafts can be extracted. Body Hair to Head Transplant is not a painful procedure, under local anesthesia, you won’t feel any pain. It takes 2 weeks for the recovery of the donor area.

How is DHI Hair Transplant Done?

First of all, DHI hair transplant is performed using local anesthesia and this process can take 6 to 8 hours. The steps of the DHI hair transplant operation are as follows:

  1. Consultation

At this stage, factors such as the client’s individual diseases, the underlying causes of hair loss, the possibility of shedding complaints with aging, hair type, age and medical history are investigated and determined.

It is determined whether the person is suitable for the DHI technique. In case of suitability, the hairline is drawn according to the natural hairline and the wish of the client, and how much graft is needed for the required areas and how many grafts can be collected from the donor area and the recipient parts are determined.

  1. Preparation

Before DHI hair transplant, all necessary tests are done, the hair in the donor area is cut, your skin is sterilized and local anesthesia is applied to the patient.

  1. Extraction

Hair follicles smaller than 1 mm are taken from predetermined donor areas with a special device called “micromotor”.

  1. Loading Hair Follicle into the CHOI Pen

Hair follicles are carefully placed one by one into the CHOI Pen. Forceps are used through the hollow needle.

  1. Graft Placement

In DHI, the hair follicles are implanted and the canal opening phases are performed simultaneously without the need for “grooving” with the relevant pen.

Advantages of DHI Hair Transplantation

  • As a result of the direct hair transplant preference, the most natural appearance and the highest hair density are experienced.
  • There is no grooving phase in this procedure, so the realization of the scar potential remains at a minimum. That is, when the implantation part is passed, there is no bleeding.
  • In the DHI technique, the risk of crusting is very low and the healing process is just as high and fast.
  • Since recovery is very fast, patients can return to their daily routines very quickly.
  • A natural hairline is achieved with the CHOI pen used.
  • There are no stitches or scars in this operation.
  • It is a painless procedure and the maximum survival rate of hair follicles is more than 90%.

DHI Hair Transplant Costs

DHI hair transplant is performed using very special implanter pens. However, it is imperative that the doctors who will perform direct hair transplant operations are highly experienced. 

One of the most curious issues of patients who want to have a hair transplant is the cost of the DHI hair transplant procedure. Since the aforementioned CHOI pen and all other devices are produced with the latest technology, the DHI procedure is somewhat more costly than other treatments.

Hair Transplant 9 1 768x768 1
One session takes about 6-8 hours.
Up to 5000 grafts can be transplanted in one session.
Two nights of stay is required.
You may go back to work in two days.
Transplanted hair starts to grow in 3 months, final results seen in one year.
Your hair will be shaved before surgery.
Operation is performed under local anesthesia.


Arrival Day 

Meeting with transfer at the airport and transfer to the 5-star hotel.

Day 1

Meeting with patient host at the hotel and transfer to the hospital for the operation.

Day 2

Meeting with patient host at the hotel and transfer to the hospital for hair wash.

Day 3

Check-out from the hotel and transfer to the airport.

Post Operative Instructions

In order to achieve the best results after hair transplantation, it is very important to follow the post-operative care instructions.

  • You should not bend your head after the operation. You need to hold your head up while sleeping or sitting down.
  • You should consume foods which are rich in vitamins and minerals for your hair in order to grow fast and healthy.
  • You should use all the medications prescribed by your doctor and follow the doctor’s instructions after the operation.
  • You can start smoking and alcohol consumption 7 days after the operation.
  • It is necessary to wait a few weeks for sports activities.
  • You should take care to keep the wound clean after the operation.
  • You should use the dressing given by your doctor regularly to prevent minor swelling.
  • After hair transplantation, you must keep the area dry for 48 hours.
  • You should stay away from baths, saunas and pools for 1 month after the operation.


DHI (Direct Hair Transplant) operation is not a painful procedure. This technique is performed by CHOI pen and it does not require channel opening. You don’t feel any pain after the DHI Hair Transplant.

DHI hair transplantation is an operation that takes between 6 and 8 hours. The procedure begins with the determination of the hairline. After the local anesthesia to the donor area, an extraction process begins. In the DHI technique incision step is skipped and with the help of the CHOI pen and then hair follicles are transplanted to the scalp directly.

It takes a year to see the final result of the hair transplantation. During the first three months, it is normal to observe hair loss and you don’t need to worry about it. Then, your hair fall out will stop and new hairs will grow thicker. 

Hair transplantation is a 12-months process. Visible hair growth can be seen after 6 months of the hair transplant. You should be patient to see your actual final result and you will get your dream look. 

There is no incision in the DHI technique so, a scar does not occur on the scalp after the operation. Unlike other hair transplant operations, DHI is a scar-free technique.

You are informed by the doctor about the post-operative instructions and Surgery TR also gives you this document in PDF format with your Itinerary. Additionally, Surgery TR aftercare team will follow up on your process for a year. You can ask directly your questions in this process. 


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