This agreement limits Surgery TR’s legal liability to you for your access to and use of
www.surgerytr.com. You should read this agreement carefully. You agree that you accept these Terms
of Use based on the disclaimers set forth herein, and that these disclaimers form the basis of this
www.surgerytr.com does not provide any health care or medical diagnosis services, since we
are not a medical professional in this context, we only bring together those who want to
receive treatment and those who want to provide treatment, and we do not accept any
responsibility. Listing a service provider on www.surgerytr.com does not mean that we
endorse or recommend its service. If you come together with a listed service provider, you
will be solely responsible for the possible consequences, Surgery TR will not be a party in
possible disputes, and the necessary applications and requests will be made between you and
the service provider. For this reason, we recommend you to do all the necessary research.
As Surgery TR, we promised to provide you with the agreed service (it may vary depending
on the package you choose). The contract between us becomes effective after you send the
deposit and the sending of the notification e-mail. The date on the invoice is the start date of
the contract. Our invoice to you means that we have confirmed your service reservation. We
reserve the right to change the price until the contract becomes valid and the reservation is
By giving us a Medical Background Check (a completed medical questionnaire), you consent
to Surgery TR and the clinic’s use of your personal data contained in this questionnaire for
purposes limited to medical use only. Surgery TR takes no responsibility if you provide false
information or conceal your entire medical history. All information in the survey will be
treated separately and confidentially. None of the information you provide to us for
therapeutic purposes will be used other than for therapeutic purposes without your written
The final price of the service includes the treatment itself and any additional costs to be
agreed upon in the medical travel package. Additional costs include accommodation,
transportation to the airport and from the airport if provided by us. You are responsible for
unexpected treatment-related costs that are not included in the treatment price guide. A firm
offer can only be made after your first consultation with a specialist. After agreeing on the
type of surgery and the date of treatment, a deposit must be paid. This can be paid by bank
transfer. The rest of the payment is paid after the first meeting with the specialist in Turkey.
By sending us the completed medical questionnaire, you confirm your understanding of the
terms and conditions. We reserve the right to charge a fixed cancellation fee of EUR 100
regardless of the time of cancellation. After each payment, you will be sent a confirmation
with the remaining balance and all the payment details. If you process payment for the
remainder of your cosmetic surgery package by credit/debit card, the amount will be debited
in local currency. If you decide to pay with a credit/debit card, a payment fee will be added
due to increased bank charges involved. Surgery TR or the clinic cannot be held responsible
for the exchange rates given by your card issuer.
The customer is responsible for his safe arrival in Turkey. Surgery TR accepts no
responsibility in case of flight delay or if the client’s travel documents are not valid or
insufficient. Surgery TR is not responsible for any compensation if our supplier fails to
provide services as agreed. Surgery TR is not responsible for unexpected circumstances that
are out of contract or that require costs and expenses beyond our control that we could not
foresee and prevent even after our best possible care. In case of any change in the reservation
made by Surgery TR, we guarantee to provide such information to the customer as soon as
possible. Surgery TR allows its client, in such a case, to readjust the date or other conditions
of treatment for Surgery TR to satisfy the client. Financial repayments or non-monetary
compensations are possibilities after mutual agreement is reached. A full financial refund is
possible if a customer disagrees with our solution if a problem arises on our end.
By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, you accept that you will not attack or criticize
Surgery TR or any of its employees or partners in connection with the Service Provider’s
treatments, as you are aware that Surgery TR cannot be held responsible for the services,
medical treatments and procedures provided by the Service Provider; You agree not to take
any action that adversely affects the reputation, services or management of Surgery TR. When
we detect and notify you of content that violates this article, you agree to remove the content
completely and to pay 5000 EUR in compensation if you do not remove it.

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