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Surgery TR maintains all its services under the understanding of high quality, reliability, and excellent service in Istanbul and Izmir (Turkey) as a Medical Travel Company since 2016.

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Thank you!
Hello everyone, I had a rhinoplasty procedure with SurgeryTR. Everything went very well. The doctor was very professional and she made me feel confident. The hospital was clean and the staff were very friendly. I would definitely recommend SurgeryTR to other people who are concerned about having an operation in a different country. I have already recommended them to my friends.
Thank you so much for everything. I am so happy with my new nose ! ❤️


Sarah,13.07, 2021

Hello everyone,
I had Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty a month ago with SurgeryTR Clinic. I contacted them through surgerytr.com and they responded to me in a very short time. From beginning to end, everything was smooth and perfect! It was an amazing experience and they took care of me every step of the journey.
The hospital staff were great and the hospital was clean. I also loved my hotel, the food was delicious and affordable. They still keep contacting me to check on me. I highly recommend SurgeryTR. Thank you for everything!:)


Andrea Lawrence,25.03, 2021

I have always been obsessed with my nose due to the accident I had in my young ages. I have been looking for a nose job operation for more than 10 years. I couldn't get enough courage up to have it done as I was always afraid of even the idea of having surgery. Once I contact with Surgery TR, They replied me back immediately then tried to understand my concerns. We discussed together with Dr Eda to decide the shape and size of my nose. I told the doctor that I want to achieve the natural result which fits my face structure.
The procedure went exactly the same as we planned together. I achieve the result that I want and the breathing problem was fixed also. I couldn't thank enough to Surgery TR team and the doctor for the result that I've been dreaming about.
I definitely will come back and have more surgeries 🙂


Olivia, 21.12, 2020

No operation but organisation that puts clients first
I applied for Gynecomastia grade 4 and back lift I was told I was suitable for the operation. When the surgeon discovered my past illnesses (mini stroke) they informed me they could not do the operation. As much as I was disappointed with the outcome, I was pleasantly surprised that they took the decision to put my health before the money. This made me believe they are a reputable organisation who think more of there clients than money. In todays world especially were the pandemic has affected every business it was nice to see people still caring about my welfare instead of money


Winston, 29,.09.2021



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