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Surgery TR maintains all its services under the understanding of high quality, reliability, and excellent service in Istanbul and Izmir (Turkey) as a Medical Travel Company since 2016.

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Hi i recently had my teeth done 16 veneers and 4 composit bonding and root canal treatments. I was very satisfied with the treatment and level of work done. Very clean professional and would highly recommend. Fantastic hotel and transfers. Love my new smile.


Mia, 27.09 2019

I went to Istanbul with Surgery TR to…
I went to Istanbul with Surgery TR to get veneers. In the end, I had to get crowns and several root canals. I found this a bit of a surprise but the reasons were explained to me and I am delighted with the result.
The dentistry staff are all highly skilled, professional and friendly. They have excellent English (as I unfortunately do not know any Turkish) and they make sure that everything is explained thoroughly and all questions are answered. I felt like I was in safe hands from start to finish.
The translators I had were also excellent and very supportive and caring. I would highly recommend Surgery TR.


Dublin, Ireland, 13.01.2021

No operation but organisation that puts clients first
I applied for Gynecomastia grade 4 and back lift I was told I was suitable for the operation. When the surgeon discovered my past illnesses (mini stroke) they informed me they could not do the operation. As much as I was disappointed with the outcome, I was pleasantly surprised that they took the decision to put my health before the money. This made me believe they are a reputable organisation who think more of there clients than money. In todays world especially were the pandemic has affected every business it was nice to see people still caring about my welfare instead of money.


Winston, 29,.09.2021

I had four surgeries done at the same…
I had four surgeries done at the same time and am over the moon with my results just one month post op.So I booked a consultation with Ege one of the staff at Surgery Tr and he was so humble and patient with me the whole time .He was very authentic with everything That he did.On my arrival in Turkey I was given a first class treatment right from transportation, accommodation,and the treatment was on another level.my surgery went as planned and I was having the best care ever Thank u Surgery Tr and Dr .Daghan isik you gave me my confidence and happiness back.


Zoe, 21.09.2021

I would recommend Surgery TR to anyone…I would recommend Surgery TR to anyone
looking to improve their nose, face, body. I had surgery in early December last year and from start to finish I felt comfortable, looked after and very pleased with the results.
I can contact them anytime for advise. I've already recommended a friend to have surgery in April and I plan on having more.


Miss suzanne 30.03. 2019



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