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What is The Latest Technique in Hair Transplant?

Today, with the advancement of medicine and science, a wide variety of hair transplantation techniques are used. These techniques are mostly used depending on the hair type, problem, age, and expectation of the patient. So, what is the latest technique used in hair transplantation?

FUE Hair Transplantation Operation

FUE, a technique that has become increasingly popular in hair transplantation in recent years, is a technique that replaces old-fashioned hair transplantation methods and gives permanent results. FUE, that is Follicular Unit Extraction, is a needle-free and painless procedure that gives results in just one day.

FUE Hair Transplantation Operation
FUE Hair Transplantation Operation

The expert team in FUE hair transplant technique carefully removes the grafts one by one from the donor area on the back of the head during the operation and transfers them to the recipient areas where there is baldness. Since Follicular Unit Extraction is the latest technique used in hair transplantation, there is no pain or feeling of pain during the operation. In addition, after the operation, there is no visible scar in the area where the procedure was performed.

What are the FUE Techniques and Features?

FUE technique is the most common and popular hair transplant method using micromotors. In Follicular Unit Extraction, minimal fine incisions are made on the bald areas of the scalp with a very fine-tipped needle. These incisions are the areas where the grafts will be placed. Follicular units are then placed in recipient areas where they will develop into healthy hair-producing follicles.

People who are faced with hair loss prefer hair transplant operations with the FUE method as the latest technique. The reason is that it is possible to get a very natural result with the FUE technique. All devices used in the FUE technique are state-of-the-art; therefore, the hair after the operation exhibits a very natural appearance.

However, there are also sub-techniques used in the FUE hair transplantation method and preferred according to the case. These are follows as;

  1. Classic FUE
  2. DHI Technique
  3. Percutaneous Hair Transplant

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

DHI (Direct Hair Implants) Hair Transplant is performed using a special pen called choi pen. The only difference in DHI hair transplant based on the extremely popular FUE technique is the process of adding the grafts. Namely, there is no incision or channel opening in DHI hair transplant. That is, all grafts taken from the donor area are transplanted directly to the bald area.

What is DHI Hair Transplantation?
What is DHI Hair Transplantation?

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After the graft is placed with the pen, the specialist who performs the procedure transfers the hair transplant directly to the recipient area. In this way, the channels are exactly the same size as the grafts and there will be less sowing and bleeding symptoms.

Specialists use a different pen for each patient in the DHI hair transplant operation. Finally, one of the differences of DHI hair transplant from other techniques is that it heals without problems and has less bleeding.

What is Percutaneous Hair Transplant?

In the Percutaneous hair transplant technique, blades made of precious sapphire stone are used. However, the Sapphire technique is a method that follows the same procedures as the FUE technique. As the name suggests, experts use Sapphire Blades to channel. Using Sapphire blades instead of standard blades makes the grooving part smoother, reducing the risk of possible complications and providing a better result.

Which FUE Hair Transplant Technique is the Best Choice?

One of the most confusing issues for those who want to have hair transplantation is the question of whether I should choose DHI or FUE technique. However, like all treatment techniques, there is no single truth in hair transplantation.

Each FUE method offers a specific solution for different situations. In other words, the techniques to be used in hair transplant may change in cases such as the patient’s expectations and patient’s hair structure.

SurgeryTR stands for people who struggle with hair loss and baldness; With its professional specialists and surgeons, it serves its patients with the best price and best results. You can contact the experienced team of Surgery TR right away to find out the latest techniques used in hair transplantation and whether these techniques are suitable for you!



Sergio Gomes15.11.2021
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My Experience with Surgery TR has been great up to date. I’m looking forward to seeing the results of my Hair Transplant done October 29/30 2021. Communication leading into the trip was great. Damla answered all my questions throughout the process, which was stretched out thru throughout the course of almost 1 yr. Transfer from Airport was great. Hotel was also good. Lots of other patients in the same hotel. Sercan was then assigned to be our translator and support. He was great, communication could be difficult as the Dr and his team spoke very little English. The transfers to the hospital were done by taxi service. Which could of been a little better organized. Sercan also had other clients which he was translating for in different parts of the city so the organizing was hard and understandable for the circumstances. My procedure(s) seemed to go good and again time will tell. Overall Istanbul was an amazing experience and I would love to come back 1 day for a vacation. Thank you surgery TR and Dr Murat and his team.
Matthew Hollingsworth 05.02.2020
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Great job, great team and great hair Surely recommend, I had hair transplant done five months ago and the results have been great so far. The hospital was very hygienic and the doctor and all of his team were just amazing. The hotel was very good and comfortable. Really nice people Surgery TR took great care of us, i will come back in the future for my brother see you guys!!



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